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Welcome to our Website

Agni Animal Welfare fund is a UK-registered charity operating in Corfu.
We promote neutering, as well as educate and encourage local people to help the many cats
living on the streets of the island.


We began helping the cats in 2005 and in 2006 we formed the charity inspired by a little cat that came to us for help. Read Little Cats Story on her page, it tells of what inspired us to try and help the Corfu cats and how things all began.  Today, many years later, we are still neutering, providing medical treatment and food to as many street cats as our funds allow, with the support from our many supporters around the world.

You can read about us in more detail on our 'about us' page.

Since our very early beginings in 2006, many things have changed. We now have a Facebook page which the majority of supporters like to use.  Through Facebook we can keep supporters up to date with, work in progress, cats for adoption, appeals for help and food on a daily basis and stay in touch with the people who make our work possible.

So if you would like to keep up to date with us please visit our Facebook page.

Contact Us

Our preferred method of dealing with enquiries is through Facebook messenger as this service is monitored by multiple members and we are therefore able to respond faster.

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