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and Health Checks

Please note the details given below mainly refer to a Cat.
If passporting a dog, check the requirements and vaccinations as they are different.

A Pet Passport is needed for any means of travel for a cat or a dog.  The cost for this is around 80-100 Euros, (at the time of writing, August 2023). The passport includes a Microchip, which must be given first and then the Rabies vaccination with the details of the pet and the owner. This is the only legal requirement needed for a cat, apart from the vet signing the section saying the cat is fit to travel a day or two before you leave.  Flea and worm treatments can be given at the same time (this is a legal requirement for a dog) and any health vaccinations you require and can be recorded in the passport. 


These will come at an extra cost but we would recommend that you choose the extra options for the sake of the health of the animal.  After the Rabies vaccination is given the cat then has to wait 21 days before it can travel, this will often involve having to find a fosterer to care for the cat unless the owner is still in Corfu.  Please note that a kitten must be 12 weeks old before it can have the Rabies vaccination and with a 21 days wait it will be around a minimum of 4 months old before it can travel.

In addition to the vaccinations, it is also recommended that if you are transporting a cat adopted in Corfu that they are tested for FIV, FeLV (Leukemia) and FIP (Feline Peritinitis) these conditions are common in cats having been born feral and living in outside conditions. The tests are not essential, they are only recommendations.

A cat proving positive for FIV can travel and live a normal life so you may still wish to go ahead with this condition especially if he is going to be an only cat. Many vets will advise an FIV cat lives as a single cat but as this condition is only passed through blood and sex a calm cat that does not fight and is neutered should be unable to pass the condition on and could live with others.  Should an FIV cat become sick and needs medication it can be slower to recover than a non FIV cat but they can recover and can live for many years. (I would recommend you read up on FIV cats if you choose to adopt one or seek professional advice from a vet.)

If the cat proves positive for Leukemia, this condition is passed more easily through food bowls so again often recommended to live as a single cat if it is well enough.  However, a vaccination is available for Leukemia so any other cats living in the household can be vaccinated against it enabling the cat to live amongst them.  Some cats can live for quite a long time with Leukemia but if it becomes sick then it is more difficult for it to recover and a vet may advise being put to sleep. (If you choose to go ahead with an FeLV cat then we advise you seek professional advice from a vet.)

A cat proving positive for FIP is a very different situation and the cat will sadly eventually die.  They can live a while with the condition but not for long.  If you come across a cat with this condition (generally a young cat) it would be best to speak to a vet, often they will recommend the cat being put to sleep. If someone is prepared to care for it, then it can live until it becomes sick but it will die quite early in its life.  FIP is not generally passed on to other cats but it is a quite a complex disease to understand.  (Anyone needing further information on FIP cats should seek professional advice and speak to a vet.)

Whichever way you choose to travel with your pet do check thoroughly before you leave that the Passport has been prepared correctly with the correct dates and all the information is recorded. The vets can occasionally make mistakes and if there is a mistake the cat will not be allowed to enter the UK and will then involve weeks in a cattery/kennels whilst the process is done again with another 21 day wait. This has happened in the past so I speak from experience.  Also before you leave check the Microchip is working as if this cannot be read at the port of entry again they will not be allowed in, and again the process has to be re-started, this also comes from experience.
Check, Check and Double Check the Chip and Passport before you leave.

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