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Who we are and why we began

We are a small charity working to improve the life of the animals on the island of Corfu.  Our charity was set up in order that friends and visitors could make donations to help the strays and support volunteers with the work. Our intention was to help as many animals as we could but we found more help was needed for the cats and as other charities were working with the dogs we decided to direct our attentions to the cats and kittens.

In 2005 we helped several cats with donations received from friends who visited Agni during the summer. The offers of help came after seeing one of the little cats that lived around Agni beach. With her distinctive and attractive looks many people noticed her, so when we explained she had been neutered the previous winter, hence she had no kittens unlike other female cats around, the visitors could see the difference and this inspired more people to donate to us and asked us to sterilise more of the cats.

Our inspiration

It was this little cat that inspired us to set up a registered charity in order to help many more stray cats in Corfu and promote neutering. Many visitors showed an interest in supporting this work and were willing to donate for us to go ahead with a neutering programme. The charity was started in January 2006 and the ‘Little Cat’ being our inspiration is the Mascot for our charity.


Our objectives

Our primary objectives are to neuter as many cats as our funds will allow, to help any sick cat and offer medication where necessary and provide food for street animals to help them survive the winter.

And where we are today

We began that first year concentrating on the female cats to reduce the kitten population as quickly as we could. Since that first year the charity has increased enormously.  We have received a great deal of support from people around the world that visit the island and have neutered thousands of cats during those years.

We now have people helping with our work in many areas of Corfu and we support individuals who are feeding and caring for large colonies with neutering.  Many people are raising money themselves for neutering and we support as many of these people as we can and we encourage others to follow our example.

We also provide food during the winter to the resorts that are closed up, where many cats found their way in the summer and were fed by tourists. These cats are left to fend for themselves, but now many volunteers go and feed these cats in the closed resorts and at the bins with our help and the very kind donations from our supporters.

About Us

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How You Can Help

At Agni Animal Welfare we rely heavily on the donations of our kind supporters. We are always in need of flea treatments and wormers if visitors can bring those out and food and treats for the cats are always welcome. Take care of the cats around your accommodation report any sick ones or take to the local vets, it is ok to feed them but please do not have them living with you inside your accommodation.

People living on the island can always help by volunteering services like helping with transport, fostering sick animals, transporting cats to and from the vets, going out to sick and injured cats and feeding at bins and dedicated feeding areas especially during the winter months. Contact us if you would like to help.

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