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Advice for Tourists Visiting Corfu

This advice for visitors staying in accommodations in Corfu or for anywhere else in the world with stray animals.


If there are homeless cats around the hotel, guest house, or vacation rental you’re staying in, take note of whether they have water and a regular feeding schedule. If they do, take time to thank the manager or host, and tell them how nice it is to see that they’re cared for!

Be sure to follow up in any review you leave, and send us a picture of the feeding station, the location and name of facility, etc. so we can also thank them.

If the cats are not being fed and have no fresh water, talk to the management about how much you enjoy seeing the cats, but how much nicer it would be to see them well cared for!

And be sure they understand how simple and cost-effective sterilization is, to keep the situation around their business pleasant.

Be sure to point out the benefits of a well-cared-for group of cats:

  • They help control rodents year-round, even when they’re fed.

  • They are much healthier once spayed or neutered and treated; problem behaviors like fighting and spraying to mark territory will decrease and usually disappear.

  • Tourists are charmed by visiting with healthy cats and dogs; they frequently miss their pets at home, and enjoy cuddling them when they’re healthy and well cared for.

  • There will be less build-up of garbage from left-over food left by well-meaning tourists if there is an identified food-water-shelter space.

! Remember that your voice − whether you are a tourist or a guest − is very important to the host and you will be listened to!

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