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Cat Transport - Corfu-UK

A general guide to the best of our knowledge at August 2023.

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Transporting cats to the UK has become increasingly difficult during the last few years since new rules have been brought in by DEFRA (UK) and the EU which now enforce stricter rules. Due to these changes, we are no longer able to assist with transport as we have in the past.  However, it is still possible to transport animals to the UK, so we give details below of the different ways it can be done for those people who are determined enough to go through the processes.


Overland Courier
The most popular way in the past was to use an overland courier, it was the easiest and the cheapest option but that is now no longer the case.  To our knowledge there is no longer any couriers operating on the island. There are overland couriers operating from the UK such as ‘Animal Couriers’ and ‘Thompson Pet Travel’, these operators are commercial operators licenced to take more than 5 animals so come under different rules.  There is much paperwork involved and a health certificate for the animal is required that can only be obtained by a state vet which is very difficult to obtain in Greece especially Corfu and the owner must travel within 5 days of the pet travelling, which can be difficult to arrange.  These couriers also operate from Igoumanitsa so the animal would have to be transported from Corfu to meet the courier.  Contact the courier if you need more detailed information.


By Air
It is possible to fly a cat directly to the UK but only certain airlines carry animals and only certain UK airports receive them, so an Agent has to be used.  TUI fly animals during the holiday season through an agent but It is very expensive and much paperwork involved.  If further information is required then contact an animal transport agent (several can be found on the internet) who will give you the information and details of costs and how to proceed.


Driving Overland with the Pet
You can of course drive your pet to the UK yourself and this is the easiest and simplest way to do it. Driving across Europe is not for everyone, but many people do it regularly including myself, many times.  It is a long journey about 3 days, but all you need for the animal is a Pet Passport, and maybe the pet declaration form. Therefore, an easy way to bring your adopted pet back to the UK.  You cross the channel via the tunnel or ferry and the animal enters the UK under the Pet Passport Scheme, but it has to be your own pet with your name and address in the passport.

If you would like more detailed information on how to do this then click here.

By Air and Land
Apart from the drive yourself method, this we feel is the simplest way with the least paperwork but more physical hassle.  You will need to return to Corfu on a single ticket, unless you are already there, collect the cat and fly to a European airport, we would suggest one in France or Belgium being the closest to the ports to the UK. Someone meets you at the airport with a car and you then travel by the tunnel or ferry into the UK with the pet.

Certain European airlines take animals on flights from Corfu and allow you to take the pet into the cabin but only to European airports.  The extra cost of taking the pet is small at around 50-80 Euros.

If you would like more detailed information on how to do this then
click here.

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